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    Be a selfish bitch.

    Don’t feel bad for going after what you want. 

    Do that shit on your own fucking terms.

    Hold a middle finger up to anyone who puts you down.

    Wear what you want.

    Do what you want. 

    Worry about yourself being good before anyone else.

    Live life to the fucking fullest. 

    You run you.

    You paint your own damn masterpiece.

    Never fucking forget that.

    Go on, girl. You better do it.

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  2. It all boils down to this.


    Most people won’t admit it, or don’t even realize it, but

    caring for people takes energy out of you.

    Investing your time and attention making sure somebody knows

    that you love them and that you want to ensure their well-being can drain you:

    • mentally
    • emotionally
    • spiritually
    • even physically.

    Love people, but take care of yourself.

    Don’t burn yourself out.

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    tips on how to properly enter my room:

    1. do not

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  6. Haven’t stopped fucking being sick for days something is seriously wrong, emotionally and mentally I’m pretty much dead

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